Posted on August 20 Thu, 2015 By Monica Sharma
Pursuing academics as a working profe...Read More
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Posted on July 22 Wed, 2015 By Shumona Banerjee
In today’s scenario, retail banking is a very dynamic space to work in. It’s fast paced, highly competitive and extremely customer centric. So, what you need to make the cut?  Check out these 10 essential characteristics/skills that puts you on the path of a successful banker.Read More
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Posted on June 30 Tue, 2015 By Puja Dua
Day one at your new job can be among the most unforgettable and probably the most stressful day of your career. You've gone through the challenging job hunt– spent hours finalizing your resume, days preparing for interviews, and ensuring you impress your prospective new employer - and now when you've joined the job, you'll want to live up to their expectations. So, this is the most indispensable day to create an efficacious and enduring i...Read More
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Posted on June 18 Thu, 2015 By Kuldip Singh Banga
If you are doing business, then one most important component of your business is your CUSTOMER. To run your business profitably you need to build relationship with your customer. Using the following tips, building relations will be a happy experience. 1.  Be presentable Read More
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Posted on June 4 Thu, 2015 By Suvashis Halder
Sales is the backbone of any business, and banking is no exception. A company which can sustain and grow its revenue inflow year-on-year is one which people trust and put their money on. Banking is no longer a social obligation as it used to be fifty-sixty years back. It is one of the fastest growing industries and at any po...Read More
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Posted on May 7 Wed, 2014 By Dhiren Gokani
Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp generation now gets to open and operate a savings bank account all by themselves. Kids, that’s Young India (legally referred to as minors) can now operate a bank account with a cheque book, ATM/Debit card, net banking etc. Yes it’s true as per RBI’s directiveRead More
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Posted on April 17 Thu, 2014 By Ram Ray
Yes! I call them the ‘Sandwiched Generation’! They take decisions to please their parents and manage finances to provide for their children. No private holidays and romantic dinners for them…it costs more than the monthly school fees for the child or conversely more than the monthly dose of insulin for parents. Welcome to the world of middle class Indian wage earners who earn...Read More
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Posted on March 20 Thu, 2014 By Ram Ray
Primary source of margin for a bank is to raise deposits at a lower rate and lend at a relatively higher rate. Established principle says that lending to many rather than a few reduces the risk. Similar reasoning is applicable while raising deposits too. Retail deposits raised through bank branches are the most preferred form of deposits for banks especially after the recent financial crisis. Retail deposits contribute towards a stable liability p...Read More
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