Program Catalog
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Financial Advisory Series Level I & II are specially crafted for professionals engaged in soliciting financial products to customers. Products could be simple like Bonds or complex such as Hybrid Funds or Equity. The program will equip you with all the tools and concepts you need to make a solicitation pitch to your customer more effective.
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This program is designed for professionals engaged in the credit function of banks and financial institutions. It is a beginner’s program covering the concepts of Credit Risk, Risk Rating Methodologies, RBI’s Credit Risk Management perspective, Financial Statement Analysis etc. On completion participants will be equipped to take the Advance Corporate Credit Program that focuses on relevance and practical aspects of credit appraisal processes.
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This program is designed for professionals engaged in the credit function of banks and financial institutions and aims to sharpen skills, technical & operational knowledge related to the corporate/institutional lending function. The Advance Program’s key objective is to train participants in implementing theoretical aspects learnt in the Corporate Credit Foundation Program that will enable them to assess credits and take necessary steps to mitigate credit risk for the organization.
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Derivatives Level I is a beginners program to the interesting world of derivatives. This module provides insights into different types of derivatives, their trading, clearing and settlement and the regulatory framework.
Derivatives Level II will take a deep dive into the magnitude, process and fundamentals behind the derivative market.
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This program is designed for all those professionals who are required to solicit equity related products to clients including Financial Planners & Advisors, Relationship Managers, Portfolio Managers, etc. The program covers macro-economic concepts to the extent required by equity professionals. Not only does the program equip you to solicit equity but also trains you on other products such as debt so you can make an effective pitch to your clients.