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ET FinPro – Your Personal Knowledge Partner

ET FinPro is a learning methodology which equips you with nuts and bolts of concepts that you need to understand in order to interpret business media (for example Economic Times articles or ET Now) related to your professional field and it can be applied to any other sector. The focus is on continuous knowledge enhancements triggered by contemporary business publications.

ET FinPro Offers a Variety of Programs

1.    Financial Advisory Series Level I & II
2.    Corporate Credit Foundation Program
3.    Advance Corporate Credit Program
4.    Derivatives Level I
5.    Derivatives Level II
6.    Capital Market Professional

Enhance Your Productivity

ET FinPro is an exhaustive collaborative platform which enables learners build Concept Clarity & Applicability in Target Job. The program helps
1. Inculcate a habit of reading business papers & trigger quest for industry knowledge through self-initiated research based learning
2. Interpret subjects & perspectives put forward by business media and use of those interpretations in everyday work
Conceptual clarity and an updated knowledge base arms you to be more relevant and effective and thereby more productive in your profession.

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