ckdeepthy “ET FinPro modules gave me a scope to blend my investment knowledge on real time basis. I now understand not only on how to better tailor my financial plan but can also draft them as per future goals and financial markets.”
- Deepthy C K, Hyderabad
Swathi “The module in a nutshell simply, simplifies the complex. Therefore, it is a must for anyone & everyone wishing for an economic understanding applicable on almost every financial decision.”
- Swati Kushwaha, Jaipur
Shefali “ETFinPro module gets the major credit for upgrading my knowledge by making me aware of the current banking scenario. It helped me gain confidence in the field of banking by encouraging me to research on various factors of the economy.I remember the hard work all the teams had to do for research and the appreciation made us feel the hard work was worth it. “
- Shefali Singh, Mumbai
Karan Kapadia “ET FINPRO has given all the students an amazing experience making the subjects a joy to learn. It took my confidence to the very next level and improved my oratory skills to a great extent-"
- Karan Kapadia, Mumbai
Sneha Jana  "ET FinPro modules are a learning experience, which provide us a practical way of learning by preparing slides and presenting them in front of faculty which raises our self-confidence."
- Sneha Jana, Bhubaneswar
Debi Prasad Rath  "The modules of ET FinPro are very effectively designed; they encourage independent thinking among all the students. This program is a combination of skill and industry knowledge."
- Debi Prasad Rath, Bhubaneswar